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Seeing commercials on TV and receiving all different types of Medicare information in the mail, I was so confused about what Medicare plan I should be in. Chris was able to sit down with me and not only go over the plans but showed me a comparison of plans that would fit my needs. He even printed out my in-network providers and the costs of my prescriptions, so I know for sure that my doctors are in-network and that I am getting the best rate on my medications. He went over all the other benefits I receive like my gym membership, dental, vision, and over the counter items to make sure I understand how to use these benefits. Chris took his time and answered all my questions, so that I know I made the best choice for my Medicare benefits.

Beverly G.

Chris has been my employer benefits contact for a few years providing many different insurance plans including life, accident, cancer, etc. My wife and I just had a baby. After Chris reviewed our current policies, he talked about whole life insurance for our newborn and the benefits that went along with the policy. After looking at different plans, we chose the 20 pay Whole Life policy for our son. This was a great way to start planning for his future and at the same time, have insurance on him in case anything was to happen. We appreciate the time and information that Chris provides for us. We feel comfortable that Chris is looking out for what’s best for my family.

Tom B.

I contacted Chris through a friend to obtain life insurance for my husband. My husband was a smoker with an average build. Chris gave us a quote and explained about the tobacco rates being higher than a non-smoker. There was a term policy we saw we could afford, and he applied for the policy. After my husband went through his questions, exam, and interview, he was approved. Unfortunately, my husband passed away about seven years later. The funds I received from the policy was able to help pay for his funeral along with other bills we incurred throughout the years. It also helped to replace some of the income my husband was earning at the time of his death. Having that policy gave me that security I needed if that day ever came. I appreciate that Chris took the time to have the conversation with us to show the importance of having life insurance.

Angela M.

I read Chris’ post on LinkedIn about his dad suffering from Alzheimer’s’ and Dementia with his mom trying to care for him. Being a small business owner, that got me thinking about what if my husband or I needed that type of care, how we would pay for it, and what would happen to our business. We contacted Chris and in our first meeting, he collected information and wanted to gather an understanding what our plans were so he can provide different options for us. We didn’t realize there were many factors that went into long-term care planning. In our second meeting, Chris provided a few plans that would meet our needs. He did a great job explaining how each of the plans work, including premiums and any riders involved. We finally chose the plan that was the best fit for us. Thanks to Chris for sharing the story about his parents and his hard work and knowledge to provide a solution to help us find the right policy we need.

Art and Jan T.